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Greensboro, North Carolina 27408

Founded in 1996 by Brian Holland, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group (ABMG) is lending peace of mind to the mortgage process. Atlantic Bay is currently licensed in several states and has physical offices in FL, GA, VA, NC, SC, DE and MD. Our headquarters is located in Virginia Beach.

Atlantic Bay is a Ginnie Mae Issuer and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Direct Seller/Servicer. Atlantic Bay also has FHA Direct Endorsement authority and is a VA lender for residential mortgages. We have every authority that big banks and other lenders have without the limits they have. We can determine our own guidelines and approvals. In addition, we are delegated by FHA as an automatic insuring authority, meaning that we do not need to go to FHA for approvals.

To date, we have helped over 88,282 borrowers, some more than once.
Many home loan programs are offered including government-insured FHA loans, government-insured VA loans for active-duty, retired and former military members, conventional home loans, rural housing loans, jumbo home loans, FHA 203K and conventional rehab loans, and reverse mortgages. Our well-trained bankers have many options for your housing needs, whether you are a homebuyer, an investor or looking to refinance your existing mortgage.

We make your experience smooth and enjoyable and have a nearly perfect satisfaction rating with our customers. Consistently closing by the contract date and offering efficiency along with superior customer service is something that our team takes pride in. We are also a partner in the community, giving over $2 million to charities and participating in events that promote the passions of our customers, employees and neighbors. Our employees are also given 8 paid hours of PTO each year to perform volunteer duties for a favorite charity.

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Stacey Robinette
Mortgage Banker
(336) 587-4145
NMLS #1104321

Stacey Robinette has the natural ability to explain the complex mortgage process to buyers and put them at ease. Patient and responsive to her clients, she has helped many borrowers including first time home buyers, primary home buyers and secondary home buyers, as well as investors. Joining Atlantic Bay in 2013, Stacey has lived all over the world and speaks fluent Spanish.

Stacey Robinette has an insightful approach to helping her clients with their mortgages. She says, “Borrowers are mostly looking for someone who is responsive because buying a home is such a huge purchase. For a lot of people, it produces anxiety; they just want their fears to be alleviated. They want to be heard, they want a response and they want to know someone is taking care of them. My team and I work hard to take care of tour borrowers and help get them into their home.”

Stacey says, “It’s really important to meet the clients’ needs and also to set expectations. I tell people very candidly that, though I do this every day, I recognize this is a unique experience for them. I avoid taking their knowledge for granted and ask how comfortable they are with the mortgage process so I can give folks what they need. Attention to detail is essential in the mortgage process. If ever they are uncertain about what that detail may be, they are welcome to call, email or text me. No question related to mortgage is too small or silly.”

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